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Enforceability of Mediation Agreements

  Enforceability of Mediation Agreements   On the 1st of January 2018 the Mediation Act, 2017 commenced. The Act was passed to encourage more disputes to be referred to mediation and in this regard introduced the following new initiatives:-   Solicitors are to provide advice and information in relation to the issuing of proceedings in […]

The Industrial Relations (Amendment) Act 2019

  The Industrial Relations (Amendment) Act 2019 Definition of Industrial Relations Act 1990 –   “Employer” means a person for whom one or more workers work or have worked or normally work or seek to work having previously worked for that person; “Trade dispute” means any dispute between employers and workers which is connected with […]


  RECENT CASE HIGHLIGHTS THE NEED FOR DISCIPLINARY PROCESSES TO BE FAIR   In a recent case in the Labour Court of Ibrahim Salah -v- RCI Callcentre (Ireland) Limited the Labour Court overturned a decision of the Workplace Relations Commission and awarded a sum of €20,000.00 to the Applicant who had been dismissed from his […]

What to watch out for with Variable Interest Mortgage Rates

  What to watch out for with Variable Interest Mortgage Rates   Mortgage Interest rates are a hot topic at the moment, with Banks in tough competition with each other to offer the best interest rates to consumers. We see many low interest fixed rate mortgages but what about variable rates? There are a few […]


  ABUSE OF PROCESS AND ISAAC WUNDER ORDERS An Isaac Wunder Order is an order of the court that requires a litigant to apply to court for its prior consent to issue further proceedings against the same party against whom it is found they have already initiated proceedings that are an abuse of process. The […]

Where one party brings more to the marriage

WHERE ONE PARTY BRINGS MORE TO THE MARRIAGE   It is often a matter of dispute in the family law case as to how much weight is given by the court to a situation where one party has brought more assets into the marriage than the other. Some assistance and clarity was provided by a […]

Discovery – a recent Supreme Court decision

  Discovery – a recent Supreme Court decision Tobin v Minister for Defence [2019] IESC 57 A recent Supreme Court decision overturned a Court of Appeal decision which held that a High Court discovery order was too broad and placed too great a costs burden on the Defendant. The High Court order was upheld. What […]

Personal Insolvency Update

  Personal Insolvency Update   Since the insolvency service of Ireland was established in 2013 approximately 8,000 insolvent persons have been returned to solvency according to figures released from the ISI this amounts to the restructure of approximately €10billion in debt. In addition to this it is clear that the insolvency legislation has acted as […]

Merry Christmas from Dillon Solicitors

    Thank you to all our clients for your business in 2019. We continue to work hard at improving our level of expertise and service. We welcome your feedback, both good and bad, and thank you to the many of you that have taken the time to provide feedback in relation our service. We […]

LawNet Awards 2019

    Pauline Horkan and Niall MacCarthy recently attended the annual LawNet conference and gala dinner which was held at Celtic Manor in Wales.             This year Dillon Solicitors were shortlisted for Best BD/Marketing award.   LawNet is a network for quality assured independent law firms and Dillon Solicitors is […]