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Employers Obligations – Sunday Work Entitlements

Employers Obligations – Sunday Work Entitlements The recent High Court decision in Trinity Leisure Holdings Limited t/a Trinity City Hotel v Sofia Kolesnik and Natalia Alfimova held that an express statement in a contract of employment that working on Sundays was taken into account when setting an employee’s wage discharged the employer’s obligation with regard […]

Working Time – Employer’s Responsibilities

  Working Time – Employer’s Responsibilities Legislation – Organisation of Working Time Act 1997 (The OWT Act) What does it do? The Act regulates the rest periods and hours of work for employees What are the legal break entitlements for employees in a working day? (1) An employer shall not require an employee to work […]

Does Probate affect the Sale of Property?

  Does Probate affect the Sale of Property?   When a property that forms part of a deceased person’s estate and that property is to be sold, an application must be made to the Probate Office for a Grant of Probate (or another type of Grant depending on the situation). The sale of the property […]

What to do to avoid losing your Right of Way

  What is A Right of Way? It arises when you must pass over a piece of land owned by someone else to access your own land. A Right of Way can be established by long use. Previously you had to prove continuous use for a period of 20 years. However, under the Law and […]

Tenant entitled to bring proceedings under Multi Unit Development Act 2011

  Tenant entitled to bring proceedings under Multi Unit Development Act 2011 In the recent case of Kennedy v Sweepstakes Owners Management Company clg, the High Court held that a Tenant of an apartment may bring proceedings under the above Act against the management company who he alleged was enacting house rules contrary to the […]

Retirement Planning

  Retirement Planning It is important to plan for your retirement, particularly as a business owner in terms of your exit from the business. Planning should start years in advance of the intended date of retirement. The possible routes for leaving the business include the following:   Transfer to a family member This can have […]

Dillon Solicitors Shortlisted for LawNet Award 2019

We are delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted in the best Business Development/Marketing category for the LawNet annual Awards 2019. Dillon Solicitors is the only Republic of Ireland member of Lawnet which is a UK based group of Firms that are focused on the delivery of a highest standards of client service. The […]

Ronald McDonald House Cooking for families programme

On Tuesday the 10th of September fifteen members of the Dillon Solicitors team spent the day in The Ronald McDonald House Cooking for families programme. We had two groups, one making lunch and one making dinner. This activity was in line with one of the Firm’s core values in “giving back to the community”. Cooking4Families […]