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The cervical cancer scandal and the interests of the general public

Governing Legislation – The Patient Safety Bill 2018;                                        Guide to Professional Conduct and Ethics 2016 Ed. Medical Council of                                        Ireland   The Patient Safety Bill 2018 – This is a Bill passed in 2018 which requires mandatory open disclosure of serious reportable patient safety incidents, notification of reportable incidents, clinical audit to improve […]

New 2 Year Period for Divorce Now Official

New 2 Year Period for Divorce Now Official The President has signed the 38th amendment of the Constitution (dissolution of marriage) bill of 2006. This means that the 2 year period as a reduction of a 4 year period for separated parties to be entitled to make an application for divorce has now been reduced […]

Electric Scooters- Manual V Electric

  Electric Scooters Manual V Electric     Q. What is the definition of a mechanically propelled vehicle? A. “A vehicle, means the propulsion of which is electrical”   Q. What is the definition of a manual scooter? A. If the electric scooter requires pedalling or an initial manual scoot to take off and the […]

Restrictive Covenants in employment contracts

Restrictive Covenants in employment contracts   A restrictive covenant is a clause in an employment agreement that restricts/ prevents the employee from competing with the business of the employer for an agreed period of time. The restrictions will usually relate to competing in direct competition i.e. dealing with or taking clients/ customers of their former […]

Legislative Changes – Personal Injuries

Legislative Changes – Personal Injuries There have been recent legislative changes enacted pertaining to personal injuries litigation as follows: Section 8 Civil Liability and Courts Act 2004 – From 28 January 2019, there is an obligation to serve an initial letter of claim within 1 month and a court shall draw inferences from a failure […]

7 Tips for seeking mediation

  7 Tips for seeking mediation   Discuss benefits of mediation with other party: Control Cost savings Saves time Agreed outcome No appeal 2. Explore risks – Violence, anger, dominance 3. Decide on a mediator that is experienced and has a good reputation and check out costs and availability. 4. Try and agree the issues […]