Dillon Solicitors TV

Property Sale

Pauline Horkan talks to Sybil Mulcahy about the legal issues you need to be aware of when selling your home.

Property Purchase

Lorna McArdle explains the important steps you need to take when you are purchasing your dream home.


Dillon Solicitors understands that having to sort out the affairs of a deceased loved one is a traumatic experience. In this interview Lorna McArdle provides some useful advice on the relevant issues.


Making a will is a task which requires sound legal advice. In this interview, Eoin Casey ,a Solicitor with Dillon Solicitors, talks to Sybil Mulcahy about the important issues to bear in mind when making a will.

Enduring Power of Attorney

In this interview with Dillon Solicitors, Eoin Casey explains what an Enduring Power of Attorney is and why making one is so important.


In this interview with Sybil Mulcahy, Eoin Casey of Dillon Solicitors discusses the key issues involved for employers taking on an employee.


The threat of disciplinary action or even dismissal is hugely stressful for employees. Eoin Casey from Dillon Solicitors outlines to Sybil Mulcahy the important issues to be considered by both employers and employees in this event.

Directors Duties

Being a Company director carries duties and responsibilities as well as important rights. To find out more about these issues listen to Brendan Dillon, Principal of Dillon Solicitors who provides useful guidance on this important topic.

Owning A Business

Owning a business can be a rewarding yet onerous experience. In this interview Sybil Mulcahy talks to Pauline Horkan about a number of the important legal issues relevant to business owners.

Family Law

Marital breakdown is a hugely emotive and traumatic time for all those affected. In this interview Sybil Mulcahy discusses some important issues in relation to marital breakdown with Brendan Dillon.

About Us

In this interview Brendan Dillon talks to Sybil Mulcahy about Dillon Solicitors, its values, and it’s relationship with it’s clients and its achievements particularly in recent years.

Legal Update – February 2016

In this interview Brendan Dillon Principal of Dillon Solicitors discusses with Sybil Mulcahy some recent legal developments both in terms of recent legislation and decisions in recent cases.