High Court – HIV, Privacy, Public interest & Responsibility

  The High Court address HIV, the right to privacy, public interest and personal responsibility A recent High Court decision by Judge Michael Twomey, (The Child and Family Agency v AA & Anor [2018] IEHC 112), addressed HIV, the right to privacy, public interest and personal responsibility. Background The case involved a 17-year-old boy (A), […]

Pursuing all Defendants

Pursuing all Defendants Section 35 (1)(i) of the Civil Liability Act 1961 states that a Plaintiff will be responsible for a degree of liability where there are multiple wrongdoers and the Plaintiff did not pursue all of them in litigation. This together with recent case law illustrates the necessity to ensure that all the correct […]

Protect Your Business

Business owners- Planning for the future

It is a common trait among business owners that they fail to properly plan for the future of their business. This can create significant stress and worry for business owners and can also bring about outcomes which are not very tax efficient for them. On the other hand planning for one’s exit from the business, […]

Law Society calls on major reform in Family Law

In a major submission in May of this year the Law Society declared its support for the changes to the Referendum (subsequently passed) which has allowed for the removal of Divorce from our constitution and for it to be dealt with in legislation. The Law Society also supported the replacement of the period of 4 […]