Minister seeks to take Divorce out of the Constitution

Minister seeks to take Divorce out of the Constitution   The Minister for Arts Josepha Madigan who is an experienced Family Law Solicitor had previously sought all parties support for a change to the Constitutional requirement that parties must be living separate and apart for four years before they can apply for a Divorce. The […]

Changes in Personal Injury Awards

  Changes in Personal Injury Awards   The Government set up a Personal Injuries Commission some time ago and it second a final report issued in September. This will establish a Judicial Council which will establish guidelines for Judges as to the nature of personal injury awards to be made.    This is to address the […]

Article on GDPR

GDPR Writing in this month’s Parchment magazine, Sarah Reynolds urges continued vigilance among senior management and employees with respect to their GDPR obligations. Ongoing monitoring of GDPR processes and procedures will be critical to the ability of organisations to comply with their GDPR obligations. Sarah Reynolds urges these organisations to view 25th of May 2018 […]

Article on Employee Claims – Responsibility on employers

  Employee Claims – Responsibility on employers   A recent decision of the Court of Appeal in the case of McCarthy-v- ISS Ireland Limited and HSE succeeded on the basis that various acts committed by follow employees caused the Plaintiff injury for which the Employer was vicariously liable (i.e it was as if the acts […]

Article on Negotiating a commercial Lease

    Negotiating a commercial Lease   The following are some of the matters that tenants should consider when taking on a commercial Lease:-   Check that the Planning Permission allows the use to which you, as a tenant, wanted to put the property. Try and negotiate a rent free fitting out period. Try and […]