Shareholder Disputes

We have considerable experience in advising shareholders in circumstances where there is a break down in relations between them.

Limited companies are unwieldy entities and not sufficiently flexible to easily accommodate shareholder disputes. The challenge for the legal advisors as well as the client is to try and bring about a solution which causes as little collateral damage to the company and the shareholders themselves. While litigation may sometimes be necessary to protect shareholders (particularly minority shareholders) rights, other options such as mediation can often be effective in breaking the deadlock.

The Firm was involved in recent years in a very high profile shareholders dispute case which centred around a Shareholders Agreement which we had drafted. One of the key issues related to whether a quasi-partnership existed. The Court held in favour of our client that a quasi-partnership did not exist and relied on the Shareholders Agreement for the purpose of supporting this conclusion. This case was proof of the importance of having a well drafted Shareholders Agreement.

At Dillon Solicitors we are committed to providing solutions which are effective and realistic in bringing about a satisfactory outcome for our client in the most cost effective manner.

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