Acting for Fixed Charge Receivers

We act on behalf of Property Receivers. Property Receivers are usually appointed under a Mortgage Deed. The relevant legislation goes back to the Conveyancing Act 1881 and more recently contained in the Land Conveyancing Law Reform Act 2009. NAMA appointed Receivers are provided for in the 2009 NAMA Act.

In most situations where debts are not paid to the Lender following a demand by the Lender, the Receiver can be appointed by way of a Deed of Appointment under the Deed of Mortgage.

Once appointed the Receiver acts as an Agent for the borrower but owes a duty to the Lender who appoints him.

Property Receivers will usually not manage a trading business but their duties will usually relate to property related issues only.

We advise Property Receivers in the following areas;

  1. Deed of Appointment.
  2. Advising Receiver on his/her powers.
  3. Insurance issues
  4. Reviewing title, planning and other issues and providing title reports to the Receiver.
  5. Reviewing Leases.
  6. Letting Agreements.
  7. Management Company issues.
  8. Issues relating to the sale or letting of the property.

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