Top Ten Tips on Property Purchase

1. The devil is in the detail

  • Check for manholes where you might want to extend
  • Are the boundaries clearly defined – especially at the back
  • Any extensions/conversions, attic/garage, widened driveway, porch, conservatory – if yes, tell your solicitor
  • Any shared entrance

2. Making an offer

  • Have you booking deposit available to pay over immediately your offer is accepted?
  • Make sure you are loan approved. The Auctioneer is unlikely to accept your offer if you are not.
  • Have the name of your Solicitor and the Architect who will do your survey. This will show the Auctioneer that you are well prepared.

3. Structural survey

  • Architect/Engineer
  • Written Report
  • Avoid getting friends to do it!!

4. Loan approval

  • You need it in writing before you sign a contract

5. Planning search

  • Visit the local authority offices

6. Check the title map

  • Does it conform with position on the ground.

7. If buying an Apartment make sure your Solicitor checks out all relevant information regarding the management company

8. Signing contracts – the point of no return

  • Balance 10 per cent deposit

9. Before you complete, get ready

  • Chase the bank
  • Life cover
  • Fire cover
  • Direct debit form
  • You will need your marriage certificate if married.
  • You will also need to give your PPS numbers and proof of tax type to your Solicitor

10. After you complete

  • Change the locks and the alarm code!
  • Redirect your post
  • Do your Wills!

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